Saturday, December 17, 2011

Busy Reinventing

Amazing how much can happen in a few weeks -- all because I decided that changing my job wasn't enough for the Year of Reinvention.

So, I hired a personal trainer. For the past 4 weeks, I've been meeting with him 3 times a week for 45 minute sessions. I've also been working on my own 3 other days of the week.

The progress I've made is noticeable. I feel more energized, I am stronger, and I am starting to gain a little bit of muscle. I wouldn't say I am "in shape" yet, but I am on the right path. My trainer has dared me to run in a 10 KM race in May (not really racing, just finishing) -- and at this rate, maybe I really can do it. I had my doubts 4 weeks ago.

I'm also eating better (I've brought my lunch almost every day for the past few weeks, I've been eating breakfast at home, and I've even used my stove). I'm not dieting, just eating more of the right food and less of the rest.

In terms of my writing world, my writing partner yelled at me for starting the new book without finishing and sending out the first -- so I've spent the time to rewrite my first few chapters, and done a final read through. Today it goes off to my final batch of test readers.

On that note, I've also redone my agent research since what I did a few years ago is wildly out of date. So, I now have a list of 20 or so agents to query.

I've also renamed the book (for now)....since Summer of Flight doesn't work for what the book is. The new title is "Whirlwind" -- but we'll see what the test readers think before the name gets locked in.

There's even been a hint of movement on the screenwriting side of my life. Someone actually asked about one of my scripts -- so there's going to be a bit of a meeting in January. Nothing formal, but there is potential there.

So, the Year of Reinvention is going to go out with a solid swell of reinvention and a lot of hope for the new year. I think I've chosen what next year will be, but there will be no telling until January 1st, just in case I change my mind!