Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day Two -- In a Tight Spot

Had a nice brunch with friends this morning. I managed to ask a few questions of one friend who happens to be an engineer.

This is good because the protagonist in the television show happens to work for an engineering company...which requires a bit of design-type stuff. Right now, I have placeholders like, "Ask XX what those things are called," and "Ask XX if this is even feasible?"

I don't actually need to know a lot -- but I do need enough to make certain scenes work -- which requires some technical stuff on engineering. Eventually the main character will spend most of the episode running, but I need to plant some office "real-life" in first, since it will become important later.

...enough of the rambling.

On the progress counter: I wrote 16 pages yesterday. Not bad, considering I usually spend my first day of writing procrastinating. I did make it to the end of Act 1, although I will need to go back and pepper a few extra scenes in later.

Today? Act 2. It involves a chase scene, some subway antics, and a big eye opener for our main character.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day One -- The Beginning

So, today is Day 1 of my Labour Day Writing Extravaganza.

Miracle of miracles -- I managed to keep the weekend free, at least during my peak writing hours.

I've convinced all my friends I am not allowed to go out between Noon and 7pm. So, I am going to see a movie tonight, going for breakfast tomorrow, and pretty much writing the rest of the time.

I've set some reasonable goals I think:
  • Day 1: Act 1
  • Day 2: Act 2
  • Day 3: Act 3 and Act 4
Seeing as the acts get shorter as you go, I figure this will be doable.

I'll post my progress as I go. Wish me luck!