Monday, July 19, 2010

Conquering City Hall

So, on June 19th (A month ago today), Karina Sumner-Smith and I conquered City Hall.

28 storeys....straight down.

It was scary. It was exillerating. It was an adventure I will never forget.

Needless to say, I wanted to share the adventure with you...but words can only do so how about a photo commentary instead?

1. Looking up
Our journey started on the roof of City Hall. Mind you, something made of holey grates doesn't quite qualify as a "roof" to me. But still, it was most definitely the top of City Hall. The very, very top.

2. Ha! The CN Tower doesn't look so tall now.

I can't imagine too many people get this picture -- outside of a kitchy tourist shop, anyway.
We were in this funny pose because the photographer noted she couldn't see the CN Tower very well when we stood together.

3. On the edge ("The Before" picture)
Here's me standing on the roof of City Hall, about ready to make a major leap of faith. I must say, leaning backward over a 28 storey drop is something special (i.e., terrifying!). It definitely had my heart pumping and my hands shaking! This is me about to lean back...

4. Thank goodness for ropes!

I'm smiling because I've just realized that I am not likely going to die. The ropes held me! (What a relief!).
5. Looking up from (far) below.

Here's the angle my friends had of me at the top....they knew it was me because I had capri pants on.

7. The Descent
...And here I am, on my way down. I like this shot, because it gives some perspective. The ridge at the bottom of the picture marks 1/3 of the way down the building. When I reached there, my first thought was, "Wow, I'm only a third of the way!".

8. Just hanging around
Nothing like hanging off a building to make a girl relax...this is me, somewhere around the halfway mark. I have to admit, whenever I lost my footing, I pretty much had a heart attack. Swinging from a rope, trying desperately to regain my footing was quite dizzying. It was during these times that I realised just how high up I was. Very high.

9. I did it!

Here is me, just after reaching the bottom. I was so excited, I was bouncing. Mind you, my legs were kind of jello-like, so I was also shaking like a leaf. I find I am okay when I am in a situation, but once it's over I go into shock. I was definitely in shock here. Overall, the sense of accomplishment right here was unlike anything I've ever felt before. Even now, I can remember the joy and delight in the moment I realised I had done what two weeks earlier I never would have believed I could do. I rappelled down City Hall!

10. We Did it!

Once Karina went down, we celebrated. You'd think we just won City Chase. ::laugh::. In truth, we hadn't even started the race yet. But we began with the best part.