Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where I've Been, What I am Doing

I had a lovely time at Ad Astra. Met some interesting new people, saw some folks I know but never see often enough, and spoke about all sorts of interesting things…like taxes for writers. ::cough::

Overall, a very productive convention.

Right before I left for the convention, I received comments on my second draft from someone whose opinion really matters to me. I admit to having been terrified while I waited – hoping this person wouldn’t say it was dreadful.

Instead, it sounds like this person liked it. Sure there were suggested edits – but nothing really crazy (yea!).

My favourite part of the comments? Having my book called “exquisite and entrancing.”

::smile:: That compliment will carry me through many a month of wondering when I do get this out to agents (Yes, I am still on track for end of May).

Speaking of which, I’ve been making a list of good YA agents, and then ranking them according to personal preference.

I’ve been reading blogs and documenting contact information, submission requirements, and the like.

It’s been very interesting to learn about all the slight differences that make individual lives easier. As someone who is finicky about formatting, I am more than happy to oblige by giving each agent what they ask for.

But still – definitely no standards in terms of preferences. From 3 pages to 3 chapters, Times New Roman to Arial (Yuck), email to hard copy, synopsis or no synopsis…its all over the map.

Once draft three is done, I’ll be starting to develop my submission packages. I can already see that will be fun!